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Recent content by rafael

  1. rafael

    Two day collecting trip to the Anavilhanas confirmed

    Amazing reportage, thanks for sharing Hudson. Your A. paucisquamis male is very very beautiful, enjoy it. :)
  2. rafael

    ID: apisto labeled as Apistogramma vielfleck "Orange Xingú"

    Hi Steven & Mike. Steven: What is the size TL. of your A. sp. "Vielfleck"? Mike: Thanks Mike. Then it would be a couple of A37? Or should we call it in our Atlas Cíclidos Americanos as A. sp. aff. "Xingu"? Regards, Rafael.
  3. rafael

    ID: apisto labeled as Apistogramma vielfleck "Orange Xingú"

    Hi. Apistogramma sp. "Vielfleck" or A. sp. "Samaúma"? Thanks in advance, Rafael.
  4. rafael

    Can some one ID this Apistogramma

    Hi Blackstar65 Photobucket "say": Page not found... Please check the links. :)
  5. rafael

    Presentation of my new fish

    Hello. I wanted to ask about the character of A. sp. "Vielfleck" in a community tank. Thanks in advance, Rafael.
  6. rafael

    A new Apistogramma species: Apistogramma cinilabra

    http://www.vertebrate-zoology.de/vz61-1/07_Vertebrate_Zoology_61-1_Roemer.pdf (with a lot of pics) :)
  7. rafael

    My Dwarfs

    Hi Łukasz your wild A. cacatuoides & the male A. agassizii are beautiful. Do you know the rivers and the area where they come from? Rafael.
  8. rafael

    My Dwarfs

    Hi Łukasz. Your dwarfs & photos are wonderful. One question: How often you have to switch to the oak leaves? I have a couple of pictures of your tanks with oak leaves in a message that takes time talking about it. :wink: http://www.aquaesfera.org/panel/showthread.php?t=3449 Rafael.
  9. rafael

    Dicrossus foirni & D. warzeli, two new species of dwarf cichlids.

    http://www.vertebrate-zoology.de/vz60-2/04_Vertebrate_Zoology_60-2_Roemer.pdf Best regards, Rafael.
  10. rafael

    dicrossus sp rio negro

    :eek: :eek: Congratulations Kév!!!! :)
  11. rafael

    dicrossus sp rio negro

    :eek: :eek: Impressive Dicrossus spp.
  12. rafael

    dwarf pike

    Hi Steve. I'm afraid that as Mike says it's not a dwarf species of Crenicichla spp. Do you know where they come from? It comes from the Meta River basin? Perhaps it is a Crenicichla sp. "Belly Crawler". Regards, Rafael.
  13. rafael

    Apistogramma sp. Caño Libertad (Heiko Bleher)

    Hi again. :biggrin: In the video you can see at 2:05 and 2:51 a female Crenicichla wallacii or a Crenicichla aff. wallacii, with 2 black ocelli at the dorsal fin. More clarification would be some photos of the female. What is your opinion? Rafael.
  14. rafael

    Apistogramma sp. Caño Libertad (Heiko Bleher)

    Hi. Well, I had to install the plugin to see the video (Flash Video Donwloader)... the underwater video is very nice & made me much grace the: "cuidado Natasha" :biggrin: by the pass under a branch. :tongue: Greetings, Rafael.
  15. rafael

    Apistogramma sp. Caño Libertad (Heiko Bleher)

    Hola Heiko. Thanks for your words. Unfortunately I can not see the video with Firefox, :frown: I'll try to install another browser and observe the female, but the male it's very similar than C. wallacii. :biggrin: Greetings, Rafael.