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    new tank stocking question

    Welcome to the forum. Your tank should have a footprint large enough for two males, provided that it has an abundance of cover and territorial borders to break the line of sight. There are many good ways to set up your filtration, but one important note to remember is that Apistogrammas...
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    New, great article from Mike Wise!

    thanks, great job :-D
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    What are these?

    I have put the pair in a 60 liter breeding tank and think something is about to happen. Does the male in this species help out in the broodcare or should I just remove him once spawning is confirmed?
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    What are these?

    Thanks Mike, that was quick.
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    What are these?

    Bought these guys from my LFS as "WC apisto mix, Brasil". They are both quite large, the female about the size of my full grown A. baenschi and the male slightly larger than her. After a few weeks they have coloured up nicely and I am wondering what they really are and if they are a pair of...
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    Apistogramma Baenschi og something close?

    Thanks, they are truly beautiful fish :) Do you or anyone else have pictures of the females in brood-dress and a dominant male with raised dorsal fin? The x-shape of the fifth and sixth vertical bar on the female seems a bit odd to me :confused: A
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    Apistogramma Baenschi og something close?

    Hi all :) Found these guys in a tank of WC Apistogramma baenschi (Inka 50). Most of them seem species typical, but some seem a bit different. The pictures are taken with my phone in the shop so obviously they are not the best quality. Are they baenschi`s or something else? Females: There...
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    Ap. Agassizi Fire Red Breeding Behavior

    sand is way better than gravel for both fry and adults always:). You will probably notice much more intresting behaviors from your fish with sand, like digging and shifting sand. They will enjoy it much more also. In my experience most apistos are exellent parents, I have never had any eat up...
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    Good on you! That is an exellent batch.
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    Electric Blue Rams

    Thanks, I thought it was two females as well. Wonder what the odds of that happening is :rolleyes: So I guess it`s of to the shop and get a couple of males.
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    Electric Blue Rams

    Could anyone help me sex this pair: Sorry about the terrible picture quality.
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    Trigger happy!!!

    Some females like to dig themselves in with the fry and closes the entrance in front of her, like the female on the picture number 3 from the top in the first post. This behavior would be easier and safer with fine sand. My Wangenflecken female did this every time, probably after the hatching...
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    How to search the forum when "Search" does not work

    Could this be made sticky? Regards Ola
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    buying apistos

    I belive this is the place to contact? http://www.stingray-aquarium.com/site/index.php
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    Are these: cones, leaves and branches good for my tanks?

    Thanks Darrel, now I can just sit back and enjoy them. I always wanted plants that grow out of the tank. :)