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Recent content by Levin Tilghman

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    Filtration for Apisto Aquariums

    Any suggestions for filtration systems? Something that will work efficiently but not suck in baby fish in a breeding situation? Especially for a larger aquarium?
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    Vacation Care

    How long can Apistos be left alone without being fed? Especially in a large, uncrowded aquarium. Can live food be provided that will last longer than a week or so, such as live daphnia? Has anyone had any experiences with a pet sitting service? v
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    Looking for a good variety and where to acquire it.
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    Nijsenni and Panduro

    They are strikingly similar. How are they distinguished?
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    Philadelphia Pa Tapwater

    My tap water is moderately hard. The ph is 7.2-7.3 and the alkalinity is 45 ppm. The hardness is 6-11 grains per gallon or 100-150 ppm. Would mixing it with RO water make it more acceptable to most species of Apistos, or does it need to be chemically treated?
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    Nijsseni and Panduro

    The Latin names are somewhat confusing, since the common name for A. nijsseni is the Panda dwarf cichlid. I've seen both of species misidentified. Yet they seem very similar. Do they hybridize readily? What is the easiest way to tell them apart?
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    Rams and Apistos together

    Can Rams and Apistos be kept and bred together in a large tank? Or are their water chemistry requirements too different for success?
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    Pairs, Harems, or Singles: What method is best?

    I seem to finding conflicting information about breeding various Apistogramma species. Some sources only recommend single pairs in their own aquarium, while others say that a harem with a single male and several females in a larger tank generally works well. Others say that it's best to remove...
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    Colorful Species/Subspecies

    Thanks. He's showing alot of spunk too!
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    Colorful Species/Subspecies

    Thanks for the info.
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    Jewel Fish

    Are Jewel Fish considered dwarf cichlids? I saw some listed on a site that said that they get up to 6 inches, which seems rather large for a dwarf. I suppose it might be the individual species.
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    Sources of Apistos and Others

    I'm in the US, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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    Colorful Species/Subspecies

    Yes, I've noticed that. Thanks for your answer.
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    Colorful Species/Subspecies

    Thanks. This really helps.
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    Colorful Species/Subspecies

    Which species and subspecies are the most colorful? I'm referring to natural occuring rather than color mutations.