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Recent content by Hellfishguy

  1. Hellfishguy

    Buying Dicrossus filamentosus females in NYC

    I somehow ended up with all males; I'd like to purachase at least 2 definite females. I'm located in Brooklyn.
  2. Hellfishguy

    Sneaker male or colorful female macmasteri?

    Yep. I don't have any doubts about the sex of that one.
  3. Hellfishguy

    Sneaker male or colorful female macmasteri?

    The ventrals are always yellow. The male attempts to court it instead of trying to kill it.
  4. Hellfishguy

    Sneaker male or colorful female macmasteri?

    I've had this pair of Apistogramma macmasteri for about a year, or at least I assumed they were a pair when I first obtained them. The fish I thought was the female has become quite large & colorful, with somewhat extended fins, although not to the extent of those of the definite male. The...
  5. Hellfishguy

    How to sex apistogramma borellii?

    Looks like a young male; I've never seen a female with so much blue on its head.
  6. Hellfishguy

    Got my first agasizzii, how do I sex them?

    Looks like 2 females to me, but time will tell.
  7. Hellfishguy

    Looking for Pelv. Taeniatus Moliwe and Nyete

    There have been listings for moliwe on Aquabid recently, but all the seller's photos are of P. pulcher. Your best bet is Aquatic Clarity.
  8. Hellfishguy

    Pencil fish ID

    A female N.. beckfordi - males are much more colorful. I had some as dithers for Apistogramma sp. Steel Blue. The pencils didn't bother the apisto fry; they spawned, & both species of young grew up in the same tank. I'm not sure why some people look down their noses at N. beckfordi; they're...
  9. Hellfishguy

    LFS in NYC or Hudson Valley

    In North Jersey, Absolutely Fish in Clifton & The Fish Hut in Saddle Brook.
  10. Hellfishguy

    Community tank breeding.

    Most of the floaters are Ceratopteris siliquosa, AKA lace leaf water sprite. The structure of the leaves doesn't cut off as much light as common water sprite, plus they also look great planted in the substrate.
  11. Hellfishguy

    Community tank breeding.

    My cacatuoides juvies are F1, so it can't be inbreeding.
  12. Hellfishguy

    Community tank breeding.

    I have a cacatuoides brood with much greater size differences than the ortegai. Some are close to 2" while others are about the size of a month old fry. I stepped up water changes & removed the larger ones, but I'm begnning to think that they're permanently stunted.
  13. Hellfishguy

    Taeniatus "bova" or Pelvicachroms Silviae?

    The Bova location of Pelvicachromis kribensis look very similar to the Moliwe form. It's a bit difficult to tell by your photo, but your fish are probably P. silviae, possibly P. subocellatus & both males.
  14. Hellfishguy

    Apistogramma spp. "Netz"

    Beautiful male, showing a lot more yellow than my Netz/Alenquer ever did.
  15. Hellfishguy

    Community tank breeding.

    I couldn't resist the opportunity to obtain a pair of ortegai despite the lack of a proper breeding tank, so I made due with what I could during the lockdown. Some of the fry may have been picked off by the cardinals, but I never caught them in the act. They eventually learned not to venture...