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Recent content by harryprog

  1. harryprog

    Help ID A.sp.Abacaxis: A227 or A228?

    Thanks Mike, since it could be the same species then I also think it's no problem cross these species. Great! :cool:
  2. harryprog

    Help ID A.sp.Abacaxis: A227 or A228?

    Mike, was it easier to breed across populations because it's hard to get the species? It took me 8 months to find a male, and now it's a different population. You say 'just cross them'? Here are some pictures of today:
  3. harryprog

    Help ID A.sp.Abacaxis: A227 or A228?

    Hello, In october last year I bought 2 young A.sp.Abacaxis on the market in Duisbuirg, Germany. Unfortunately it were two females and before I noticed one female killed the other. Since then I had only one female. From what I've heard it should be an A227: Luckily I finally could arrange...
  4. harryprog

    Mikrogeophagus altispinosus breed

    Last wednesday I got home from work when I got a surprise from 2 of my altispinosus: eggs! I didn't know that two of my seven altispinosus 'got married' :cool:, so I didn't expect to have eggs. The only problem is that I'm going on holiday next sunday. I won't be back for 2 weeks...:frown: I...
  5. harryprog

    My Apisto's

    More photo's! :rolleyes: Apistogramma sp. 'Maulbrüter' blue male: Apistogramma macmasteri female with fry: Apistogramma macmasteri male, 4 months old:
  6. harryprog

    My Apisto's

    Here's a selection of pictures from my apisto's: Apistogramma diploteania male: Apistogramma biteaniata male&female: Apistogramma biteaniata male:
  7. harryprog

    Newbie in here

    Hi there! I'm new into this forum, not very new anymore in apisto's, but also not very experienced yet. My name is Harry and I'm from Holland. I'll be here mostly for reading and looking for photo's you made :cool:. My English is not that good that I can easily understand everything...