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Mikrogeophagus altispinosus breed


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Last wednesday I got home from work when I got a surprise from 2 of my altispinosus: eggs! I didn't know that two of my seven altispinosus 'got married' :cool:, so I didn't expect to have eggs.
The only problem is that I'm going on holiday next sunday. I won't be back for 2 weeks...:frown: I won't let my mother-in-law breed the artemia's, I think that's not a good idea....
So maybe a have a little surprise again when I come back and there are some fry alive. But good chance that they are starved to death or eaten by my 6 Pterophyllum scalare 'Manacupuru', my other 5 altispinosus, my school of hemigrammus bleheri or maybe the Corydoras paleatus...

Does anyone know how long it takes for the eggs to hatch? With my apisto's it takes about 5 days, is it the same for the altispinosus?

And of course a picture of the female with eggs:

And a picture of the male, who is a huge and fat altispinosus. He is about 2 cm longer than my other fullgrown male, but he is also about 1,5 cm higher!