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Recent content by Gwendal

  1. Gwendal

    New mixed species

    Anyone got some new info? Thanks
  2. Gwendal

    New mixed species

    Here are more pics of the first male. So this Apisto could be a wild one?¿
  3. Gwendal

    New mixed species

    Ok, thanks for the info, now I understand better. I´m not going to sell anything, is only nice info, and I feel happy about the fact. The thing that is missing is to ID the first pair, that could be great. Any idea?¿ Thanks for all.
  4. Gwendal

    New mixed species

    Mike the first pair could be a A. cf. eunotus¿? So as you say, may I have a new specie?¿
  5. Gwendal

    New mixed species

    Here are some more pics. After all, the first female got another fry with one of her male babys. But finally I lost all my Apistos because of a problem with the filter in vacations. As you see in the photos i notice that there are some diferents between each other. I´m right...
  6. Gwendal

    New mixed species

    Hi all, I write to explain my case. Can you ID the species¿? First i bought a pair, here is the male. And here is the female. I got the fry, but the male died and the fry too. Then I decided to mix the female in my big tank, where I have other Apistos. And I saw that my male of A...
  7. Gwendal

    1.60m South American biotope

    Great photos, as always and great P. leopoldis
  8. Gwendal

    South American Biotope (Planning)

    I love ypur tanks, nice pics too!
  9. Gwendal

    1m Rio Negro "São Gabriel da Cachoeira"

    I love that tank, really nice with the leafs.
  10. Gwendal

    600l under construction

    Wow, really nice tank mate. Nice plants!!!
  11. Gwendal

    Apisto riparium

    I love that tank and the Apistos, great A. cacatuoides males!
  12. Gwendal

    Apistogramma cf. resticulosa/urteagai

    Nice pair! 1 saludo
  13. Gwendal

    Red wing Bitae

    A good male! 1 saludo
  14. Gwendal

    Apistogramma Aggassizii Flaring

    Nice males! 1 saludo
  15. Gwendal

    My list of dwarf cichlids and Apistogramma

    Nice fish, great collecton, i love adoketa! 1 saludo