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  1. georgedv

    How Tall

    perfect...thank you for the input. now i'll need to do some math to see how many I can fit comfortably g
  2. georgedv

    How Tall

    I am building a new rack about 5+ feet in length available. I plan to put tanks that I will build myself for the purpose of keeping/breeding apistos. These tanks will be 20" in depth and 20" in width. My question is what is the min height I need and what would be the ideal height. thanks george
  3. georgedv


    As of now the only problem I've had with birch wood is on some sizable branches (about 1.d"). After about 2 months I noticed something whitish around the branch rings. Took them out. I will leave them out until next year and try again. Another question...can birch tree leaves be used in a...
  4. georgedv

    Fish Room Build

    Very awesome!! I remember those days (not that big of coarse)....may the force be with you.
  5. georgedv

    breeding pencil fish

    Well ste12000, have you got an update? I know this was years ago, but your experience with the marginatus is welcome. I used platies as dithers, but discovered they were too aggressive. I now have two 10G tanks pH6.7 KH & DH I will know in a few days when my new kit comes in. Java moss covers...
  6. georgedv

    Agassizi Tefe Orange

    I got a pair from Dave too and as you said they are beautiful.. I am also keeping them in a 10G for now, but I do not want to waste time, so I am trying for a spawn. If you don't mind sharing some info....water parameters and how you prepared the water and what you are feeding them? As for...
  7. georgedv

    Tips for breeding various apistos

    Not yet Mike. I saw you ask the same question in another thread, so I am preparing a device that will hold both peat moss and oak leaves and will have air flow through it. I just need to find something to scale that will allow water flow without spewing the contents in the water container.
  8. georgedv

    Tips for breeding various apistos

    Thanks regani. I knew 10g are not the best. I've had all pairs in 10g for about 6-7 weeks. Conditions are not set up for breeding, and when I make adjustments and nature takes over...that is a whole new ball game. I use 40% rain water 60% tap water...both conditioned for about 7-10 days in a...
  9. georgedv

    Apisto Questions

    In another thread I am asking for help to breed aggies in a 10g tank. I know most would say 10g is too small. However, since they are side by side this might create an illusion for the fish that predators and competitors are near by and thus re-enforce pair instincts. A few months ago one of...
  10. georgedv

    Tips for breeding various apistos

    For the last few years I have been getting a number of fish (apistos, tetras..etc) during the spring and summer with idea of breeding them. That is my entertainment and enjoyment (other than family) for the long winter months. This year I decided to try something a little more challenging...
  11. georgedv

    A new look for Apistogramma.com!

    Wow....I like this.....white background is a little bright....but I love the new colors you chose for the site and ease of many features...I have not checked everything out yet....by the way are there still limits for posting photos and video....if so where are the rules...great work keep it up
  12. georgedv

    Apisto Questions

    Sorry for the delay, but had an emergency. No they are in separate tanks. I use the same substrate (pool sand), wood from same tree, no rocks, some floating sprites, anubias anchored to wood, coconut shells and small flower pots. water is gotten from same faucet, into a 40gal container w/peat...
  13. georgedv

    Apisto Questions

    I just wanted to update about Ap. Iniridae. Since starting this article they bred many times. I finally pulled seven fry out a week ago, but only two are now left. A few days ago I remade their tank 100%. Within a few hours the dominant male and female were at it. I am 99% sure their...
  14. georgedv

    Apisto Questions

    Thanks a million Mike. I will increase bbs feedings and amounts. I will also do two 20% water changes per week in the A. Iniridae tank. As for the pH I am not 100% certain my readings are correct because my kit gives me strange readings. Last reading week ago was pH6.4 Kh 1 (so far it...
  15. georgedv

    Time to separate fry or parents?

    I was hoping someone more knowledgeable then myself would have responded. Your thread must have slipped through...very rare on this sight. Just curious as to what you did and if you got a second spawn. george