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Recent content by Garret

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    Oak Leaves

    Just jumping in here but would sycamore leaves be suitable?
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    Apistogramma sp. "Blutkehl" A157

    Very nice fish :)
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    Okay Thank you so much!!
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    I see, what are good. Fish to use in your opinion, I've heard a lot about pencil fish but Ive never seen any locally. Also would cories/ scavangers or algae eaters be needed?
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    Just a question for some of the more experienced,would guppies make a good dither fish. The setup would be a 14 gal apisto tank, floating plants mostly with maybe some java ferns and java moss. Leaf litter too. My parents have a little guppy tank and are near the limits of there tank load. I...
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    Trumpet snails

    Ive heard that these are a must for a planted tank with sand. My local fish stores don't have any so I was wondering if someone here might have them? I'd be willing to pay, though from what I've heard most people have infestations of these guys.
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    Led lighting for fresh water plant

    I don't have to much experience with it but yes it should. As long as you have the right balance of kelvin spikes you should be good. MarineLand brand uses LEDs in almost ll of their aquaruim kits
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    Newbie question

    You guys probably get this a lot but would it be possible to keep to breeding pairs of seperate apisto species in the same tank?. Tank size would be 20 gal
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    Ok, thank you!
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    Would apistos breed with other types of apistos? Say a male cockatoo and a female borelli?
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    Hey from Cali

    Yeah, that's what they appear to be, I'll try to post pics
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    Hey from Cali

    Hiim garret and I've been fish keeping for a few years and recently discovered dwarf cichlids, I have a pair of double banded dwarf cichlids in a 20gal