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Recent content by DwarfCichlidLvr

  1. DwarfCichlidLvr

    Sexing my German blue ram??

    I agree. Looks female
  2. DwarfCichlidLvr

    Breeding siblings

    Yes, you can. But id be hesitant do do it after that generation. You will need to cull quite a few (although this does depend).
  3. DwarfCichlidLvr

    What combination would this make?

    My LFS sells them for like 25-30 a pair. Dont go into it expecting to make much money. They take a little while longer to raise than other dwarfs. You could try selling on aquabid if you're willing to ship. maybe fore 15-20 a pair on there
  4. DwarfCichlidLvr

    What combination would this make?

    This is a very good question. They will breed but im not 100% sure how they would turn out. I have a theory but I'll wait for someone with experience on this. :)
  5. DwarfCichlidLvr

    I have eggs! a. cacatuoides, first spawn

    Also think about golden pearls as fry food. I don't have any experience with them but you might want to look into them. Just an idea. :)
  6. DwarfCichlidLvr

    Dither fish

    Nice tank. If you want to breed them dont get otos. If you dont want to breed them get the otos. :)
  7. DwarfCichlidLvr

    A. Borellii breeding and faff - a few questions

    Id move the one that's in hiding in the 15 gal back to the one that is glass surfing. I must warn you though. A. borealli is a VERY slow growing species. It'll take about 6 months to get them to a sellable size.
  8. DwarfCichlidLvr

    I have eggs! a. cacatuoides, first spawn

    I have to agree.
  9. DwarfCichlidLvr

    5 foot biotopish!

    VERY NICE!!!!! Im torn between getting a pair of Laetaccara ot A. borelli as my next dwarf. All of your fish are very nice. :) And i love the first angel pic!
  10. DwarfCichlidLvr

    I have eggs! a. cacatuoides, first spawn

    YAY! Congrats!! Good luck with them. With most dwarfs it usually takes about 3 tries before they get the whole parenting thing. The female may have nothing to do with the male and beat him up the protect the fry so be careful!
  11. DwarfCichlidLvr

    5 foot biotopish!

    OOOH!! I love it! I love angels, laetacara and emperor tetras! Can i see some pics of them?
  12. DwarfCichlidLvr

    Dwarf Cichlids in Stock

    This is a disgrace. This is not appropriate not relates to this thread at all. What is you purpose of posting this??
  13. DwarfCichlidLvr

    Contest stopped 6 years ago

    Just wondering why you dont do these anymore. Thanks
  14. DwarfCichlidLvr

    Is this ich or part of a healing injury?

    I agree with Mike. Your borelli is BEAUTIFUL. I think they'll be the next dwarf i get.
  15. DwarfCichlidLvr

    My first apistogrammas

    Very nice! They look healthy. Shouldn't be an issue. Females' are naturally smaller than the males. If everybody looks healthy i wouldnt feed more. IMO your water changes sound about right. :) You are a WONDEFUL fish photographer btw!!