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Recent content by ButtNekkid

  1. ButtNekkid

    questions about floaters (mostly about frogbit)

    Hi, I only managed to breed N. Marginatus when my Pistia grew really bushy roots. Never with Salvinia or Frogbit. My experience is that floaters don´t like water on top of their leaves, or high current.
  2. ButtNekkid

    Copella callolepis (sensu Zarske)

    Hi, What do you reckon is the reason for such a low survival rate? I've seen your tanks, lack of hiding places clearly is not the reason.
  3. ButtNekkid

    should i ever clean a sponge filter?

    Hi, How often do you change water when fry are around and how do you feed them?
  4. ButtNekkid

    A. atahualpa

    Hi, Where did you get the seed pods? Tannin aquatics?
  5. ButtNekkid

    A. atahualpa

    We demand pictures or we´ll have to assume none of this happened! ;)
  6. ButtNekkid

    Is Fry Death Normal?

    Hi, In my experience, that saltwater raises conductivity quite fast. And I don´t think the metabolic waste from the shrimp helps either if you want to maintain some level of water quality. Just my 2 cents.
  7. ButtNekkid

    So much to chose..

    I vote for Abacaxi. That purple throat is quite nice.
  8. ButtNekkid

    Hole in the head?

    Hi, I have never measured PH. I´m lazy and if I get what I want, i.e. breeding apistos, I´m happy. I bet Darrel will take over this thread ;) with his bacteria and archaeons! I stock my tanks with as much floating plants as is humanely possible. Those things love ammonia.
  9. ButtNekkid

    Hole in the head?

    Hi, Seed pods come mainly from https://tanninaquatics.com/ https://tanninaquatics.com/collections/seed-pods/products/sterculia-pod https://tanninaquatics.com/collections/seed-pods/products/cariniana-pod All of my apistos have laid eggs in these...
  10. ButtNekkid

    Hole in the head?

    Hi, I use various botanicals: leaves,seed pods and alder cones. I have had one case of HITH in my tanks before adding these.
  11. ButtNekkid

    How to start breeding in hard water?

    My A. sp. abacaxis did the same thing except they spawned the same day I introduced some N. Marginatus. Maybe just a coincidence? How could adding dithers act as a trigger?
  12. ButtNekkid

    Clay like substrate

    Hi, Darrel and his bad ass links basically changed the way I keep my fish. Especially the patented Duckweed Index™!
  13. ButtNekkid

    Anyone have tips for hatching BBS?

    Hi, Thanks for your thorough reply. What is that cap btw? Does it fit with every bottle?
  14. ButtNekkid

    nannostomus marginatus

    I find that Pistia is all that is needed. New fry emerge every month.
  15. ButtNekkid

    Anyone have tips for hatching BBS?

    Hi, How big a part does temperature play in hatch rate? I think I only have a 50 % hatch rate. I use this mix: https://www.jbl.de/en/products/detail/3358/jbl-artemiomix