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Recent content by Ade205

  1. Ade205

    Anomalochromis Thomasi (African Butterfly Cichlid) Over looked dwarf...

    Lol... Think mine are impressed with me trying to big them up, they spawned this afternoon! Ade.
  2. Ade205

    Anomalochromis Thomasi (African Butterfly Cichlid) Over looked dwarf...

    Completely agree.... I've also kept them with various other dwarfs also and they are always bottom of the pecking order. I've found Rams can give them a very hard time also! Another thing I like about these fish is they do very well in high temps, they've been a favourite of mine as a dwarf to...
  3. Ade205

    Anomalochromis Thomasi (African Butterfly Cichlid) Over looked dwarf...

    Hi all. Just thought I'd shine a little spot light on one of my all time favourite dwarf Cichlids, Anomalochromis Thomasi, otherwise known as the African Butterfly Cichlid. I always feel this little fish is passed by in the shops, looking drab and washed out, certainly not doing justice to...
  4. Ade205

    Water Parameters for Breeding

    Hi archangelvk.... Yes, German Rams are my specialty! Literally bred thousands of them! I find them pretty easy water wise, and have had them breed near 300tds no issue. When trying properly though I aim for around 100Tds. This pair below Hatched this bunch of fry in my Discus display tank at...
  5. Ade205

    Water Parameters for Breeding

    Hi, very interesting and informative thread. I agree with Darrel in his first post in that the 50/50 mix will most likely work. Water chemistry is not my strong point! And I'm certainly no Darrel in this department lol! So in order to overcome my lack of knowledge I developed my own very...
  6. Ade205

    Dicrossus maculatus bloating issue

    I had great success feeding Vitalis Rift lake Green flake and pellets. No longer have the fish, but never suffered bloat. I keep a large variety of mbuna currently, feed this food exclusively, and never suffer bloat which some species are renowned for, like one of my favs, Demasoni. Re...
  7. Ade205

    can a Bolivian Ram eat too many snails and die from them?

    I suspect maybe just passed from natural causes, 2 years old is getting on for most Rams, and if that's 2 years from purchase then you can add yet more age on, 3 or 4 months minimun. My main interest in your post though is more to do with snail control. I've never kept Bolivians, but have heard...
  8. Ade205

    Borellii or hongsloi female

    Looks like A.Borelli female to me. With my fish, the Hongsloi females all have a larger black spot at the base of the caudal than the Borelli's. However, I'm currently trying to sex about 60 Borellii juveniles I'm growing on and slowly going mad in the process, so hopefully someone with more...
  9. Ade205

    Hole in the head?

    Just quick note from my experiences with hole in head. I've been breeding German Rams for many years, I've literally reared thousands of them and as many of you I'm sure are aware, German Rams are extremely susceptible to HIH and other bacterial infection. By far the best solution I've found...
  10. Ade205

    How to start breeding in hard water?

    Edit.... in my first post I ment 400ppm tds!!! In my experience the hard water doesn't stop them spawning, just stops the eggs from developing and/or hatching. My Elizabethae spawned many times in water similar to yours but never was there fry. After countless spawns and attempts to lower...
  11. Ade205

    How to start breeding in hard water?

    Time and patience is the key! Your Hongsloi may spawn but I doubt you'll get any fry hatch in such hard water.... your Cacatoiudes though have a very good chance, I can't stop mine breeding currently! I'm in Derbyshire and my water is 7.5ph out the tap and a tds of 40ppm. Only two species I've...
  12. Ade205

    Hello from London, UK

    Hi Mil and welcome to the forum. Always great to see others from the UK on here! Have you had any spawns from your Apistos yet? Ade.
  13. Ade205

    Anyone have tips for hatching BBS?

    It's a cap used in diy co2 set ups. Easy to find on eBay and easier than puncturing and water proofing yourself. Yes it fits most popular bottles.... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F273988318404 Ade.
  14. Ade205

    Female, or sleeper male?

    Spidy.... What size are both the fish and how do they interact?
  15. Ade205

    Female, or sleeper male?

    Looks female to me. Mine are a more colourful strain, but otherwise yours look pretty much identical to all my current female macs fin wise and black markings... yours does have more blue iridescent markings than any of mine though which I'm not so sure about! This is one of my confirmed...