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I see that The Wet Spot Tropical Fish currently has the fire red A. agassizi you are looking for. Here is the link:
I've always had good experiences buying from them on line.
I'm not looking for fire red agassizil....
I am Hanzle from Holland and keep apistoos for 40 years. Had my own aquarium shop from 1984 till 1988. Always s great fan from apistoos and hyphessobrycon which is s great combination in a Community Aquarium. Perhaps.....in the near future I start breeding apistoos again. Have a 400 liters Community aquarium for hyphessobrycon wadai and apistogramma biteaniata.
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Welcome to Apistogramma forums.
Heb nu ook een koppel apistogramma abacaxis
I want to get a 55 gallon slightly planted tank with many caves and I am thinking of getting 2 electric blue acaras, 3 blue rams, a apistogramma, 3 angelfish, and some corrydoras. Will that work if I keep the temperature at about and 80 or less?
I am also thinking of putting a filters, a hang on back and a sponge filter with weekly 25% water changes.
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The Rams will likely not do well in the same water parameters. They need to live at a much higher temp. IMO avoid having the Apisto and Acara in together due to the adult size difference. However you may be successful if you can block lines of sight and create clear territories. It will all depend on how territorial the specific ones you get end up being. Just try to think about the needs of the fish.
Hi Fred, do you have any apistos for sale? I'm looking for Apistogramma trifasciata. I'm about an hour and a half from Mtl.
Apisto dave has a pair for sale .
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I am in Croatia so importing would be too much hassle. But tnx on info
Hello Mike, I am in Denver and am interested in some Apistos. What do you have in stock right now? I have a pair if orange flash now, I have done super reds, Hongsloi reds, Agassizii, and Bitaeniata. I am looking for something a little rarer. Macs would be great. I have lots to trade if you would like some rare cichlids.
Garri Ausmus
Garri Ausmus
Yssichromis SP. Blue tipped pair, Haplichromis SP - 35 pairs, I am growing out some Alcolapia ndalalani fry now and many more. tons of Multis if you like african dwarves.
Mike Wise
Mike Wise
I don't really keep 'common' or regularly imported apistos anymore. After 40 years of apisto keeping I'm a bit jaded I guess. Right now I only keep 3 species: A. wolli, A. sp. Wangenflecken, and A. sp. (aff. luelingi) Cristal. I still breed them and have batches of fry to young sexable adults of the species. I prefer trades, too, but am primarily interested in SA dwarfs and pencilfish.
Hi do you live in South Africa
I saw you said on the post about the biotopes that you are collecting in sa and I have been searching everywhere for apistogramma so if you do live here can I buy from you and if you are here to collect were are you collecting
Larry Rogers
I would guess that the fish in the ...256 jpg is a subadult male. He appears to be starting to color and the last three rays of the dorsal have started to extend. The other fish may be female or may be slightly "younger" than the first. There does appear to be a slight lengthening of this fish's dorsal too but it is too early to be sure. Only time will tell the tale.
I'm very interested in the Apistgramma you collected near the Jirijirimo waterfalls in 2017. May I ask if you still have them, and if so, if it might be possible for me to buy a few ?