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I'm very interested in the Apistgramma you collected near the Jirijirimo waterfalls in 2017. May I ask if you still have them, and if so, if it might be possible for me to buy a few ?
Hey Bart. Do you have any Apistogramma macmaster? Or do you know of where I could get some
46G Planted with A. Cacatuoides (double orange) (2F 1M) / 24 Cardinal Tetra / 2 Silver Tip Tetra / Pond Snails / Rams Horn Snales / 10 CRS
Well I was right the second female was carrying and she laid her eggs last night and they are pink! Hoping that she can produce
Well my eggs got fungus but the other female is carrying so fingers crossed. The original mother moved from under the log to under a rock!
Pretty sure I have eggs! Females belly is smaller and she’s VERY territorial, much more than before.
Well Earl seems to have taken a liking to the larger of the 2 females I think it’s only a matter of time, they displaying some flirtyness
Have you decided to use leaves for your tanks? From what I have read Oak seems to be a good choice maybe not as good as Catappa but close plus cannot beat the cost FREE!! Where I live Oaks are everywhere, once fall gets here I will get a bunch since right now most of the leaves have been on the ground all year figured I would wait and get fresh as they fall.