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xHelp sexing young German Blue Rams and Electric Blue Ram

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
As Darrel wrote, check humeral spot:
more oval w/blue spangles mostly along the edges = male
more round w/blue spangles also in the interior = female


5 Year Member
From what I see in the photos, I'd say you have two females, one dominant and colored up, the other submissive, with the dorsal folded down most of the time. I did not see any Electric Blue Ram.

Spangles present/absent in the humeral spot is not a dependable characteristic. I've had breeder males with the humeral spot almost obscured by blue spangles, and I've seen numerous females with the spot completely black. I think that characteristic varies by population, but that's just a guess. I do know for certain that it varies.

Females will get a round, red abdomen when in good health, and have shorter ventral and anal fins. I've found that on normal finned varieties the anal of the male will usually extend beyond the beginning of the caudal fin, where it does not in females. Males also have a longer point on the ventrals. Body shape in general tends to be more elongate in males and "stubbier" looking in females, probably because of the extended abdomen.

The front dorsal extensions, which used to be considered a dependable characteristic, are only obvious in very mature fish. Older males have very long extensions when compared to the females.


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I agree with Chromedome. The more colourful fish is female, the less colourful fish I'm not so sure, but my guess would be female.... how big are the fish? I've literally bred thousands of gbr's and they are usually sexable and spawning but 1'' long, females often even smaller!
Here's a pic from a group of 100 plus I'm growing out currently... a young male, 5 months old at 1'' max in size, maybe a tad smaller, guarding his infertile eggs!

Have to say I love rearing large groups of Rams. Their antics and little scuffles between rival pairs over their chosen spawning sites, and singles trying to get in on the dating scene action, are very entertaining!!! There's a lot going on all the time in a tank full of teenage gbr's!