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Whats more rare Agassizii?


New Member
Was wondering which is more rarer to find? WC Apistogramma Agassizii "Nanay" or "Tefe"? Also is Mamore Red WC rare?

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
I doubt that one aggie form is more rare than the other, but I would say that A. sp. Tefé is commercially more in demand by hobbyists. A. erythrura, being a Brazilian import, is less common than fish from, say, Peru but not really rare in the hobby. It just comes in less often and at higher prices than may other apisto species.


Rarity is a funny thing. Currently, there seems to be far more Ivanacara adoketa (and their fry!) swimming in Singaporean hobbyists' tanks than all species of Apistogramma combined, going by what I see on social media. Something is beautiful and rare, and thus considered desirable, and then suddenly everyone is keeping them.

On the other hand, the new D-series apistos have amazingly not yet reached our shores, even though our neighbours in Taiwan and Japan have been working with the fish for a while.

The last couple of years, there have been a few commercial imports of supposed D-numbers from Colombia, but nobody has been able to ID the fish properly, and only a handful of hobbyists here devote the space and time for these fish.