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water parameters


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I contacted my local environment agency to find out the water parameters for my tapwater just to give me a guideline. Here is what I was told

Hardness Classification - Soft
Expressed as Calcium Mg/l - 3.9
Expressed Calcium Carbonate Mg/l - 9.7
Expressed as Calcium millimoles - 0.1
Expressed as French degrees - 1.0
Expressed as English ( Clarke) degrees - 0.7
Expressed as German Degrees - 0.5
Parts per million - 3.9

No I do understand a bit about water quality etc but can any of you " experts" in keeping apisto's and/or SA dwarfs shed any light on whether this seems good or not.....personally I thought it looks pretty decent, obviously I will be doing a ph test also but as far as hardness goes should I be concerned?


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cool, cheers for that, I just needed a bit of confirmation, will do all necessary tests myself to be sure


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Highlands of Scotland...just North of Inverness.
I knew the water was soft but wanted to find out more regarding my supply.....plus as I am away from any city, as I live on a small farm, the rainwater is pretty good as well. hve a steady supply of oak leaves as we have a fair few so all looking good.

Also plenty of old sheds/ buildings which I am looking to set up a decent fish house.....just need to finish my own house off first lol then Its all systems go!!!


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Tested ammonia, nitrate and nitrite of the tap water all read 0.
The source of our water is a Highland loch which then is fed through a water treatment works. I know the river system that the loch is a part of and its pretty much pristine...if its good enough for Salmon, Trout and Lampreys it has to be of good quality, the loch is fed by numerous streams that flow over mainly granite and open moorland. The waters in these rivers/streams are always peat stained and the loch does look tea in times of spate.. Obviously chlorine is added at treatment as per most supplies.


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Wiltshire UK
Hi all,
Absolutely perfect, don't worry too much about pH, the water may be treated with NaOH to raise the pH and stop lead and copper going into solution, but this doesn't add any carbonate buffering and the pH will soon fall. I agree with Simon that a TDS meter is a good idea. Your water is so soft you may have to add a very small amount of minerals to it.

cheers Darrel

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