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Two new Lamprologus species


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To the forum:

Just out of press as of August 23, 2004, is Robert Schelly's and Melanie Stiassny's paper revising the Congo River Lamprologus and describing two new species.

Lamprologus teugelsi is from the Malebo Pool and the lower Congo River rapids and is named after the late Dr. Guy Teugels, formally of the Musee Royal de l'Afrique Centrale in Tervuren, Belgium. Dr. Teugels dedicated his career to African ichthyology.

Lamprologus tigripictilis is from the lower Congo River rapids and is named for the Latin tigris (tiger) and pictilis (colored or painted), referring to "the characteristic pattern of dark bands on the flanks of this species."

With the addition of Lamprologus teugelsi and L. tigripictilis, the Lamprologus found in western Africa now stands at eight species.


Schelly, Robert C. & Melanie L.J. Stiassny. 2004. Revision of the Congo River Lamprologus Schilthuis, 1891 (Teleostei, Cichlidae), with Descriptions of Two New Species. Amer. Mus. Novitates, No. 3451. 40 pp.

Thank you.

Randall Kohn