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Hey, anyone here on the forum with family/friends who were involved in the disaster?

I have been having problems trying to call my folks in Malaysia and there are no seats flying in either ... this is rather worrying indeed.

The news showing the pictures are not helping either.


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I hope they are ok. The news about the tsunami is just terrible. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all the others waiting to hear news of their loved ones in the area. :-(

Cichlid Junkie

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and everyone who had friends/family involved in that natural disaster. I hope you can make contact with them soon.


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I got through ! Thank you for the kind words and prayers, you guys are great! I managed to get a LAST seat out and will be flying on Dec 31st and will herald the new year on the plane ...

Again, many thanks for including us in your prayers.


Yeah, it really is a terrible disaster. My uncle often goes to Phuket to go scuba diving, and I'm very happy he wasn't there at the moment. Here on television they say that at the time there are at least 150 000 victims.

Amber, I hope for you that they 're all O.K.