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Time of Day for Apistogramma Spawning?


I have a pair of Agassizii that look like they are about to spawn. The female stays in her cave for the most part, only venturing out briefly to dance at the male. I looked in the cave briefly using a flashlight, and did not see any eggs.

My question is, what time of day do apistogramma lay eggs? Is it more likely for them to spawn when the lights are out or during broad daylight?


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I dont think it matters, I have watched my female get the male in the cave or outside the opening at all times of the day. Try and resist the temptation to use the flashlight it could spook or stress her into eating the eggs.


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Here are my Borellii at Noon today! Last time I also caught them spawning around mid-day (video). First few spawns I didn't see. Working from home gives me all kinds of time to spy on my fish.

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