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Then and now shots. Soon to be apisto tank


Just wanted to share some before and after shots of my 40 breeder. I took the first shot when I first aquascaped and introduced 3 guppy fry for
Now exactly a month later it looks a lot better. It has diy everything for the plants and a total of 8 guppy and a lone Betta that will return to there homes once my pair take there place in there. I have some trifasciata fry that will probably make there way in or a pair of macmasteri that I have! Just thought I'd share and see what people think. The after photo is without any trimming so plants algae etc will look very wild. I use diy co2 running about 2bps with a diy syringe co2 diffuser. For lighting it's diy standard fixings with the right hand side using a 36w CFL and left hand 13w led bulb both 6500k. I have a small amount of diy miracle gro root tabs in here now and have been dosing half dose with a macro fertiliser and flourish excel. I swapped the hardscape bridge for a piece of bog wood that I attached anubias too but it's covered in algae. Ludwigia has breached in multiple areas and is touching the glass lid one strand has stretched nearly the whole length of the surface I will measure the stem before trimming to see how much it has grown but I would say around 9 inches. Very please with the effect although my hygrophilia is suffering for some reason and the water wisteria is a little wiry still but all is well. The plants strip the water of nitrates etc until it is almost unregistered in tests. Highly recommend these diy style tanks if you have a good amount of plants to create the balance fast. Thanks for viewing