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The reason why you always ought to keep your Killi codes!!


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Hi all..!!

I can`t help to post this..!!

I have not yet kept Chromaphyosemion with Apistos,
but I sure wish to find a way to combine these two types
of fishes in a nice tank one day!!!

..and to all Killi people out there... keep your codes!!! (Some of them are not yet scientifically described !!)


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Hi fishly700 + all.. !

I posted this 1st post at a time when I was thinking about "new" fishes to mix with Apistos...
Chromaphyosemion species often swim at the surface of my planted breeding tanks, but I still have not yet tried any of them with my Apistos..
Maybe I will soon.. ???

My experience is that small Rivulidae killies, called Laimosemion species are great dither fishes ..at least when I only kept them in a sort of community tank..
..when having no attempts to get any fry from either fish..
But I guess the Killies would love to eat Apisto fry!! .. and the opposite way around too..

1 pair Apistogramma eremnopyge + 1 pair Laimosemion geayi are at this moment placed in one of my 50x55x30cm tanks.. 1/3 filled with water , many plants, "black/brown peat" , and some roots+coco-caves.. so far this works really nice as a combo...!! ( 2 months have passed since start-up..)

Earlier I`ve kept a pair Apistogramma spec.Vielfleck "Assurini" + a pair Laimosemion cladophorus + some(4-6 ) youngsters of Epiplatys spilargyreius in a 80x40x30cm planted tank.. without any problems at all..!

The only time I got a bad result was when mixing 25 small(0,5cm) Laimosemion strigatus fry with 15 Apistogramma eremnopyge fry((0,5 cm) in a quite too poorly planted 40x25x20cm "grow-up" tank with few caves.. The Apisto fry just vanished one by one , probably due to the early developed teeth in the Laimosemion-mouth ... The time I found it out , only a few Apisto-fry were still alive...

Lesson learned..!! - Killie fry can/will attack Apisto fry..( ..but also their own siblings !!)
And after all.. Killiefishes are egglaying toothcarps !!

Please feel free to report/add any other combinations attempted with Apistos in this thread !! :)


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I am Hanzle from Holland and keep apistoos for 40 years. Had my own aquarium shop from 1984 till 1988. Always s great fan from apistoos and hyphessobrycon which is s great combination in a Community Aquarium. Perhaps.....in the near future I start breeding apistoos again. Have a 400 liters Community aquarium for hyphessobrycon wadai and apistogramma biteaniata.
I want to get a 55 gallon slightly planted tank with many caves and I am thinking of getting 2 electric blue acaras, 3 blue rams, a apistogramma, 3 angelfish, and some corrydoras. Will that work if I keep the temperature at about and 80 or less?
I have kept fish for quite a long time but never cichlids. I want to find out more about them.
my Hongsloi, keep eating their eggs, any help greatly appreciated
The Shrimp Pimp wrote on fredmir1's profile.
Hi Fred, do you have any apistos for sale? I'm looking for Apistogramma trifasciata. I'm about an hour and a half from Mtl.