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Template for disease/parasite/death cases


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This template contains the most important questions to be answered when dealing with sick or dead fish to find causes and advise on treatments. Please copy and paste into a new thread and answer the questions as precise as possible. Water parameters should be given in numbers. "Fine" or "good" is not going to help your fish in need! Please also PROVIDE PICTURES of the fish and tank.
Please also add your location (country is enough!) so people don't recommend meds you can't obtain legally.

Which animal is affected? Species, sex, age? (If age unknown: How long have you had the fish?)

What are the symptoms? Any changes in look, behaviour, bearing, buoyancy, fecies?

How long has the problem been going on? (Timeline?)

What's the full stocking list?

Any changes in the behaviour of the other fish?

What size is the tank? (Preferrably dimensions, not volume!)

How long is the tank running?

Have there been any changes in the past 2 months? New animals, plants, decoration?

What food are the fish fed? How much, how often?

What is the temperature?

What are the water parameters? (Please note all known tank and source water parameters in numbers! Not "good", "optimal" or "perfect"!)

What test kit did you use? (liquid, strips, store service?)

Are you using water conditioners or any other additives? (e.g. dechlorinators, humic/blackwater extracts, fertilizers)

What filter are you using? (Canister, sponge, internal, mattenfilter?)

What's the maintenance regimen? (Waterchange volume and frequency, thorough cleaning of filters/substrate?)

Have there been any chemicals used around the tank? (Cleaning agents, room sprays, wall paint, adhesives...)

Have there been any pesticides, fungicides or herbicides used around the tank?

Are there any unknown animals in the tank?

What has been done already? (Timeline!)

If so, what meds have been used? (Timeline!)

Please provide pictures/videos of the fish AND tank in question!
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