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surprise Roloffi fry


New Member
5 Year Member
Hi there

I've recently posted a thread here with regards to my water parameters. I am in the process of starting to adjust the water through the user of RO water. The surprise would be that my roloffi pair have spawned and now have a batch of around 12 fry in the tank. I've only seen the fry yesterday and have seen the female spawn once before but the eggs have disappeared so I thought nothing of it. They fry seems to be eating well as they seem to have big bellies. The parents are also taking good care of them. My only worry is whether they will survive as the water condition is more on the hard side and not really ideal.


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5 Year Member
The fry may very well make it, but the sex ratio may favor males or females. My roloffi fry grew very fast up to the 1 cm length and then slowed down considerably. I could get them to 1 cm in about 1 - 1.5 months, but the next cm required another 3 - 4 months. I feed them crushed vegetable flake and decapsulated brine cysts.