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Which substrate would you recommend with Apistos?

Was gonna pick up some sand for my two new breeding tanks - that be a wise choice?


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Hi there,

If you can get hold of it, silica sand otherwise called swimmimg pool filter sand. The grain size is a bit bigger than silver sand so it doesn't compact and produce dead areas in the tank. Also the grain size is still small enough for the apisto's to redecorate their tank!!

Have a look in your yellow pages under 'swimming pool suppliers' or similar types of company and ask if they supply pool filter sand. It's best if you can get it locally otherwise p&p costs can make it expensive (I pay £12.50/25kg)



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In Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and probably many other
Asian countries, many apisto breeders
use ADA Aqua-Soil as the major substrate. The use of ADA soil
keeps water's pH stable at a value of 5.X - 6.X...

Some breeders also use "vocano-sand", which has a lot
of pores, as the substrate nowadays.


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I might have to have a look for some of that soil.. never seen it in the shops over here.

Cheers blue.


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Has anyone seen this soil sold in the US? Did a search and couldn't locate any.

Thanks, Lisa