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Steatocranus tinanti

Discussion in 'West African Cichlids' started by Jason82, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Jason82

    Jason82 Member 5 Year Member

    Jul 8, 2011
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    Good morning from Western Australia. I have ordered 5 steatocranus tinanti from my local fish shop a couple of weeks ago, and I just got a phone call to say they managed to have only 2 arrive for me. Looks to be a male and a female. I would like advice on how to keep these fish from hobbyists who have kept them, as the information on the internet seems to conflict with what I read in my aquarium books. I have a planted 180 gallon tank I plan to put them in. I have some branch style goldvine driftwood in the tank, 6 cichlid caves, and a wavemaker for flow. PH is about 6.9 - 7.0. Other tank inhabitants are some syno catfish (nigriventris and petricola), bristlenose catfish, pelivcachromis subocellatus matadi (1m + 2f), and some parkinsoni rainbowfish. Is there anything I have missed? Have I set the tank up correctly?

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