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Sources of Apistos and Others

Levin Tilghman

New Member
5 Year Member
Are there any companies especially good as a source for apistos and other dwarfs? I've looked online and most deal with the larger species.


Active Member
5 Year Member
Aquatic Clarity (who has a presence on this forum) is a good vendor (I think he's in WS). David Soares raises many unusual apistos and ships them (from WA state); do a search for him.


Staff member
5 Year Member
Yep, I'm here! (and in Wisconsin)

I have a few things in stock right now (www.aquaticclarity.com) some new fish listed on the home page (scroll down just a little bit) and then a page full under the in-stock fish section. I also have 4-6 species of wild caught Apistos on order from Peru that should be in in the next 2-4 weeks or so.