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Slow tank decimation...any thoughts?


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Hello all,

Something in my 20 gallon long has slowly been decimating the tank. It started in my CPDs and I now have 3 of 12 left (two in a hospital tank that are 50:50 on making it). It appeared to be the "wasting disease" that is somewhat prevalent in them. Did not respond to Maracyn, General cure, or flubendazole. They stopped eating pretty quickly so any antibiotic foods weren't an option.

Over that past week or so my A. Borelli has also declined from being quite active begging for food to hiding, hanging out on the bottom, not eating, and now with more rapid gill movement. His color really hasn't changed and he's got no lesions on his body/fins. I wouldn't say his fins are clamped, but they're not displayed as much as he used to. Other tank mates include some chili rasbora 4 otos, and amano shrimp. I've lost two otos during this as well, however they did not show any form of illness (ie lesions, bloating, thin etc) and I'm thinking it was just a coincidence.

Tank parameters - pH7.6 (what they were in at WetSpot), no ammonia or nitrites, and nitrates get up to 20-40 prior to water changes. gH and kH around 3-5. It is also heavily planted.

Reading through all the other threads and great info here it would seem that my best bet is pristine water quality and hope he pulls through, but I figured I'd post to see if anyone had any additional thoughts.

Strong Style

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Wasting away is always a hard one. In apistos, prophylactic metronidazole has helped address this for me, so it may be due to flagellates? Metronidazole also seems much more effective when eaten over just dosing in the water column. For guppies, praziquantal in the water and fenbendazole flakes have helped me. Levimasole could also be considered if nothing else works.

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