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Shipping Apistos and other Dwarf Cichlids


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Richfield, WI
Temps are still to cold this week for safe shipping (even next day) but look to be on the rise toward the end of the week. Hopefully that means I can start sending out fish next week! Check out my current stock list below and reserve you fish now as many are going fast.

Email me ([email protected]) with the number and type of fish you want and remember to include your zip code so I can get you a shipping quote right away.

Some pictures of the fish can be found on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aquaticclarity/469544756417264?ref=hl
And if I ever manage to find my macro lens, flash card, and card readier I'll take some real pics and post them on here! Oh how I hate moving...

Czech Tank Raised Stock

New Stock
Dutch Blue Rams $20/pr
Laetacara dorsigera 5/$50
Apistogramma agassizii Alenquer $50/pr
A. agassizii Blue Tail $35/pr
A. agassizii Double Red $30/pr
A. agassizii Fire Red $50/pr
A. baenschi $60/pr
A. borellii Paraguay $45/pr
A. sp. Opal Red Mask (borellii) $45/pr
A. cacatuoides triple red $35/pr
A. cacatuoides mega red $50/pr
A. cacatuoides “blue” triple red (dark body with bright fins) $30/pr
A. cacatuoides orange flash $45/pr
A. nijsseni $40/pr
A. panduro $40/pr
A. sp. Rio Mamore (the real deal) $60/pr
A. viejita gold $50/pr
A. sp. Xingu Red Lobe $65/pr
Nanachromis parilus $40/pr
Nanachromis transvestitus $45/pr

Old Stock
Taeniacara candidi red $60/pr
Dutch Blue Rams $20/pr
Apistogramma trifaciatus macallensis $40/pr
A. borellii Blue $40/pr
A. agassizii super red $15/male
A. sp. Veilfleck $100/pr
A. sp. Algadon $60/pr
Pelvicachromis taeniatus Nigerian red $45/pr


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Richfield, WI
United States Shipping Monday March 10th and Tuesday March 11th for next day arrival. Get your orders in now before everything is sold out!

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