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Remove or leave the male


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I have a pair of Nannacara anomala in a 55g(4f) along with two large sword tails. Do you guys remove the male when they breed? I moved the male in the past, but frankly I don't have another soft water tank to move him too. I want some fry from this batch to give away.

Any guess on how long the fry will last in the above setup? I can juggle some fish around in another 3-4 weeks and get them into a fry tank if they will last that long.



I've had a pair of N. anomala once in a 110 liter/80 cm tank together with a pair of A. macmasteri and cory's and tetra's etc. The Nannacara's bred regularly, the female would become quite aggressive and she would especially pick on the male but I would always leave him in. I think in a tank as big as yours it should be fine, as long as there are enough hiding places and plants etc to break the line of sight.


i have mine in 25 gallons tanks lots of hiding places (plants rocks clay pots ) but once in a wile the female caring for babys will kill the much bigger male , now i try to remove the males. also i usually have 3 or 4 small pearl gourami in there with them and they don't bother the baby Nannacara