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Potential disease, advice needed


New Member
Hello friends, I am new to this forum and I come seeking advise.

I am worried about my new male apistogramma cacatuoides I recently bought. He has been doing good. Feeding frozen foods from hakari and northfins pellets. He's eating well for the last few weeks, but I noticed this week a swollen bump in the anal/vent area appeared.

I am unsure if this could be worms of some sort and how to threat it ?

I know he has recently fertilized the eggs of a female because ,I saw female guarding wigglers. Could that be a cause ?

Here are some pictures. Thanks for the help.

View attachment IMG_20201119_162153.jpgView attachment IMG_20201119_162211.jpgView attachment IMG_20201119_162513.jpgView attachment IMG_20201119_162535.jpg