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Piece of a river...


Just a piece of a river…

Eheim tank 240 l
JBL Amazon decor
Fine white sand
JBL e901 Greenline external filter (full with seachem matrix, sera siporax, jbl micromec)
Eheim internal filter, will be replaced in the next days with Eheim 2075 external filter (full with sera siporax, jbl micromec, …)
One red moor root, 2 coconut caves, few little rocks

- 3 agassizi double red (2f+1m)
- 2 cacatuoides orange (1f+1m)
- 4 altum angels
(some others in the next future)

- Echinodorus ozelot
- Echinodorus schlueteri “leopard”
- Echinodorus rubra
- Echinodorus bleheri
- Echinodorus ipica
- Echinodorus cordifolius
- Echinodorus parviflorus “tropica”
- Echinodorus tenellus
- Eichhornia crassipes
- Hydrocotyle leucocephala
- Pistia startiotes
- Didiplis diandra
- Ludwigia glandulosa
- Ludwigia repens rubin
- Ludwigia sedoides
- Tonina fluviatilis
- Vallisneria americana gigantea
- Hydrophila angustifolia



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What a great looking tank. It truly does look like a little slice of a river. Nice work!


Mike, this are for the moment my "altums". Maybe in the future some real ones. ;) First move is some dither fish, next week.


In the first place I will let the "nature" to follow the course, if there will be some survival fry I will try to help them grow up. This is the first spawn for the scalar pair and I don't want to interfere too much.


Some rearrangements, some Echinodorus vesuvius, 14 Nannostomus Beckfordi, 3 more C. Marthae, 4 Pterophyllum altum - peruensis