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P. taeniatus locale id help


New Member

I really would like learn the morph of my P. taeniatus pair. Any comments are appreciated!
First the male

And the female

Thank you in advance!

PS: Just realized there is a seperate ID forum, sorry for posting in the wrong one!


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Hey guys, I suggested to this person that he bring this question over here from another forum. I thought someone here could verify or refute the answers I gave over there. He also had pictures of the offspring from this pair.

I am not posting the opinion I gave over there because I don't want to point in a particular direction. I'm going to PM a couple of guys to see if we can get some comments.


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Thanx for the explanation Chromedome, I think your comments were probably accurate but I am still interested in hearing a second thought like you suggested. I want to learn how to tell color morphs apart without looking at the possible offspring, that's why I kept pics of the offspring for the moment. Do you think I should add them?

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
This isn't my area of expertise, so I won't make a guess. Maybe this question would be best answered in the West African ID section. Also check Ted Judy's web site for photos of different populations of the Pv. taeniatus species-group. They might help.
While I cant specifically ID them for you, I can tell you that I have kept Moliwe and Lokoundje and the Lokoundje males were considerabley more colorful than the females, and with Moliwes the females have greater color.


lokoundje female


Moliwe female


Moliwe male

You might also ask the guys over on the WAC Facebook Page.