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fish geek

New Member
hi im new to these fish can i fit one in with a few white clouds in a 5 gallon? or do i need bigger. what about rams?
You answer is none of those fish should be in a 5 gallon. It is too small. Id say a 20 gallon would be the minimum. Dwarf slao come from warmer waters then WWCMs with the exception or A. borelli. So if you upgraded to a 20 gal you could but a pair for A. borelli with them and they would be just fine. Just keep the tank cool. Like 68-74


Active Member
Welcome fish geek, I keep my Borellii without heat [in FL.], there are other options than WMC, if you go with a warmer apisto just go with warmer dithers.

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
Fish geek, I thing the question is not 'can', but 'should'. Can you? Yes. It is possible. You can live your entire life in a 10x10 foot room but would you like it? You would consider it a prison. Without interaction the same is true for a territorial fish like an apisto.