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Arcadia, California, USA
Hi. First post here. I'm new to this forum, and been 20 years out of the aquarium hobby. I'm setting myself up to re-start my 40 gallon tank this summer, and I'm planning on keeping at least one Apistogramma, since I've been a fan of them for decades and always wanted to keep them. I've retrieved my tanks and other equipment out of the garage rafters and I'm checking out my old filtration and heating equipment to make sure it's still good, and replace what isn't. Next step is to acquire substrate, driftwood, rocks, etc. and start with a planted tank and a school of tetras. Then on to my long time dream of keeping Apistos!

Previously, I kept rift lake cichlids. They are fascinating fish, and our water in the foothills of Los Angeles (liquid rock, slightly alkaline) is a natural fit for those. I'm now kicking myself for not collecting rain water this spring. We had a record amount of rain in Los Angeles this year, and I wasn't set up to collect it. Now, I'm afraid the next time we'll see rain is in December! So I will need an alternate plan for the soft water that our South American friends prefer.

Anyway, I'm glad I found this forum!


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Longtime fish enthusiast for over 70years......keen on Apistos now. How do I post videos?
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