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New Nanochromis species


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Hello friends,

Just out of press as of Jan. 20, 2002, is Anton Lamboj's description of Nanochromis sabinae from the upper Congo River area and Northeast Gabon. Nanochromis sabinae is a N. dimidiatus-type species--following Greenwood, 1987--that appears more closely related to N. dimidiatus and N. squamiceps than to congeners. It is characterized, in part, by the possession of an elevated upper lateral line that is seperated from the dorsal fin base at the 8th pored scale by 1/2-1 scales and at the last pored scale by 0-1/2 scales; a scaled posterior nape; one or two rows of cheek scales; normally no chest scales; an infraorbital bone series with a lachymal and one tubular element; and a dark longitudinal band that extends from the eye to the end of the caudal peduncle. Females exhibit a patch of silvery scales around the genital papilla.

Nanochromis sabinae replaces the following popular names and is likely the famous red N. 'dimidiatus' imported by Pierre Brichard in the 1960s.

Nanochromis sp. "Makoua"
N. sp. "Genema"
N. sp. "Bamanja-Gelbwangen"

This beautiful western African dwarf cichlid is named after Dr. Lamboj's beautiful daughter, Sabina.

All the best,

Randall Kohn


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Nanochromis sabinae

Hello Francine,

Neil Lilliedoll is working with this fish. If you contact him directly, he may have some to spare.

I hope all is well with you.

Take care.