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nanacara anomala adaptability ?


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For those who have kept this species i want to ask your view on it's ability to adapt relative to other dwarf cicihld you've kept. I don't like to use the term 'smart' with fishes but this fish seems much more able to change its behavior depending on what it learns over time; where as most other species i've kept (which is not a lot but some) seem to always do pretty much the same behavior. A very minor example is the bottom of a community 29 (ember tetra, cory, pleco) that has a pair of nanncara anomal; she first tried laying eggs low but that didn't go super well; so the next time she laid them near the top of the tank (in a leaf) which went a lot better (this is really just a holding aquarium till i move next month; and given that she is a bit of a fire cracker i want to put them some place more appropriate). This is a relatively minor adaptability but typical of what i've seen from the species. THe male is also incredibly polite eater (this seems minor ) but when around much smaller fishes instead of barreling into things in its way as it grabs food (which i admit most of my apistogramma do as well as rams); he sort of moves around smaller fishes to take a piece of food (much more deliberate eater); obviously (i think) if he was super hungry he would likely be more aggressive towards food - but his steady state seems to be content with letting others grab food while he picks out a morsal here and there.
I guess there are two points to this post:
am i imagining things or is this a distinct property of this species
are there other dwarf cichild with similiar adaptbility in the aquarium or more interesting diversity in behavior.

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