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My Obligatory Newbie Intro


Hey all! I have been keeping fish for a few years now but only got seriously into it last fall. MTS is real so I now have a 29g, three 20g's, a 10g and a 5g. My first love/gateway drug was corydoras and live plants. I also have danios, banjo catfish, kuhli loaches, bristlenose plecos, among shrimp, blue neocaridina shrimp. A tank full of neon tetras for my husband, some glotetras for the kids and a lot of furry four legged critters. Apistos are my newest obsession. I would really like to try my hand at breeding some.

I started learning about apistos over the winter and got hooked. I bought a pair if cacatuoides but the male passed right away. The female has thrived, while I've mucked through the pandemic and waited for more stock to come in at the lfs.

Last Friday I was finally able to buy 1 large adult male and 3 juveniles. 1 female and 1 male for sure. I had hoped the 3rd was female but appears to be a subdom male) I also got a young adult female that is most likely a macmasteri but it's up for debate. All the newbies are in QT for now. In the meantime, I'm brainsyorming the best tank shuffling arrangements for them. I had planned to put the adult male with my original female but he is massive and she is still tiny in comparison.

I did lots of reading before buying them about what sort of water parameters and tank set up they need. Still have loads to learn. Doing research, reading up on the breeding process and the species as a whole.