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Looking for Apisto breeder in uk


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Have you got a Maidenhead Aquatics near you? They seem to always have apistos surprisingly even though they're not so popular anymore.

They can be a bit of a nightmare for getting the wrong females and they might try to get you to buy pairs claiming these fish do better in pairs (I assume this is how they get them) but all you have to do is point to their discription on the price label stating "keep one male with several females" and moan how it's normally females that get left lonely anyway because people just buy a pretty male.
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Ben Rhau

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Try the "Apistogramma & Dwarf Cichlid" group on the Band App. The sellers are mostly in the States, but there are at least a couple in the UK. They may, in turn, know of others.


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Hello Trevor.
I'm not sure where in UK you are but I travelled to Mill Race aquatics in Colchester and they had quite a few in there.
As already pointed out, Maidenhead aquatics also stock them.