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Kribensis ID?


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I have recently purchased two fish labeled "Kribensis" at two different fish stores. I'm hoping that they can pair, but both fish have been keeping to their opposite sides of my 20 gallon long. Both are around 3" long.

The one I'm certain is male gets red in the face all the way to his belly. Pointed dorsal fin with a black and red tips. He doesn't show any yellow in his face that I've noticed. He looks like this:

My second "Krib" has a yellow face & the colored belly only appears on its stomach. I'm not sure if it's male or female:

I really want to get a pair of kribensis so that they can breed, but I might have two different species or two males. Are they both P. pulcher, or is one maybe a P. taeniatus?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)


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All the pictures show male Pelvicachromis pulcher.

The ventral/pelvic fins (bottom paired fins) will always have a long point to them in males and a squared off look to them on females (It's the trait that gives the genus it's name).

The tail pattern in the fish you have pictured is also another useful thig to look at when sexing pucher. Females do not get the solid colored edging/strip on the top of their tails. Only males do.



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I agree with Jeff.....
However I suggest the male with the red chin may have some P. sacromontis blood?
Sacromontis is very similar to pulcher.....but darker and have the red into the chin


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Thank you!

Thank you!

Well, I decided to mix things up and add a female today. The male in the bottom pictures seems to be chasing her around the tank a lot.

The other male who gets the red face is always in hiding. I'm not sure if that's normal?

Also, the female doesn't seem to like any of the hiding places in my tank. The tank is well planted with lots of hiding spaces. She likes to hang around the side of the tank with the male who chases her.

My tank is a 20 gallon long. Both males are a little over 3 inches. The female is 1.5 inches.