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keeping apistos alive


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I've had some bad luck with some recently purchased 4 apistogramma cacatuids orange flash , they all died within the week. The tank is 75 galleons has only 4 Otto's in it . This is the second batch I've lost and the last unless i can figure out what I'm doing wrong. The fish where all bought online from reputable people. The PH is 6.8 , KH 40ppm, GH 25ppm, nitrite o, nitrate 20ppm and temperature 81 degrees. I do 20 % weekly water changes have a hard time keeping nitrate below 20ppm . Thanks for any recommendations.


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It's hard to impossible to determine the cause of death in hindsight.

The only two things I can recommend: Up the waterchanges to 50% a week (also sounds like you might have nitrates in your tap) and make sure you acclimate properly.

Otherwise there are no certainties going by the info you give.


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If the tank only has 4 otto in it -i wonder if it is cycled. The ammonia and nitrite will be 0 if there is almost no biological activity but when you add new fishes they will produce ammonia and if the tank is not cycled that ammonia will quickly become toxic.


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Tested for ammonia came out 0 ppm, tank has been running over a year with various numbers of fish it also 75 galleons and heavily planted with vallisneria, crypts and pogostenon. Its also has overly filtered with sponge, cannister and HOB filters. 4 apistos shouldn't put that much of a bio- load on my water. I just cant seam to get nitrates below 10ppm.

Im thinking maybe apistos aren't meant to be for me , I have very hard water and have to use majority R/O water to supplement it , a 50 percent water change per week in a 75 g tank would be a hard commitment . I also have other tanks that to take care off.

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them.

Mike Wise

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Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.
Domestic strains of A. cacatuoides should handle your water conditions without a problem. To me this indicates either poor quality/sick fish from the supplier or poor shipping (or both). This is why I always recommend having a proper quarantine tank for any fish that you buy before adding them to their permanent home.

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Hi Fred, do you have any apistos for sale? I'm looking for Apistogramma trifasciata. I'm about an hour and a half from Mtl.