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Ivanacara Adoketa. juveniles and seperation.


So I recently managed to get Ivanacara again after messing up so badly last time with toxic substrate and this time im pretty confident my tank is good. My TDS is a little high at 97 (my meter might be busted as it measures differently depending on temp) but my gh is just under 2 and kh is 2, ph is about 6.8. the fish are doing well feeding BBS and chopped up earthworm, which is really their powerfood IMO. Yorkshireworms does a good deal on a bucket if anybody in the UK is interested. Anyway, they are still just over an inch long, maybe 1.5" and the dominant male is already obvious, there are females also showing their black and white colours, the other males are remaining white/sandy around the boss but are quite strong and of a similar size and fight among each other and colour up when he is not around. There is one runt fish which im not sure is male or female. the tank is 100 40 40 cm. now I kind of am in the situation where i want to give the other fish the best opportunity elsewhere but dont want to jeapordise getting a pair and I am not 100% on sexing right now, although I think i have 4 males 2 females. The dominant male is aggressive with a capital A, so I worry he will depress the others. I've never seen anything this fighty at 1.5 inches long, he is a wonderful irridescent green almost like an anomala with intermittent dark scales but with the eye band and reddy orange of ivanacara. Anyway besides just expressing my excitement I was wondering if I should just go ahead and make a guess to give the other fish a good chance at thriving elsewhere. also if anybody wants to take them, im in fife scotland, and they will be free on collection when available.

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