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Ivanacara adoketa bonding

Strong Style

New Member
I have been eyeing a pair of Ivanacara adoketa at my local fish store for a while now. Considering how rare they seem, it would be an interesting breeding project. However, researching online I've noticed they can be very aggressive to one another if not a bonded pair. My question is what behavior should I look for to determine if they are a bonded pair. The fish I have been looking at have been in the same aquarium for weeks if not months now. They seem to hang out in the same corner of the a tank a few inches from each other but do not really interact. Would this be a sign of bonding?

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
My experience with bonding in this species was in a smaller tank (20 Long). I had 4 young adults. Two joined up and killed one male and I had to remove the other female before they killed her.