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Larry Rogers

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I am 62 I've been keeping Aquarium for 50 years currently have 2000 gallons in tanks in my house I specialise in breeding of all species. I have currently bred 763 species. My primary interests currently are caucatoides, aggassizi, discus, and the three dwarf corydorus species. I only consider A species bred after I have reared and sold fry. There are several saltwater reef species that I have spawned but you cannot feed spawns in home aquarium.

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my Hongsloi, keep eating their eggs, any help greatly appreciated
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The Shrimp Pimp wrote on fredmir1's profile.
Hi Fred, do you have any apistos for sale? I'm looking for Apistogramma trifasciata. I'm about an hour and a half from Mtl.
geno wrote on Roko's profile.
Apisto dave has a pair for sale .
Doing water changes.