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I was considering going a pair of triple red apistogramma


New Member
I would love some advice from those who have kept them successfully. I have a 15 gallon heavily planted , community, low tech tank, with soil substrate. I treat my tap water, I live in Los Angeles, with dechlorinator and ammonia remover. My PH is about 7.2, ammonia at 0, and nitrates < 2ppm. I don't know my GH. I am considering ordering a pair online. Would they survive in my tank?

Thank you!

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
Will they survive in your tank? Yes, they should survive fine - but you are adding a breeding pair of territorial cichlids to a community tank. The stress level will rise considerably once the female brings out fry. She will attack any other bottom-dwelling fish that enters her brood territory. Your Rummynose Tetras are exceptional fry predators so she will try to defend her fry from these, too, so expect her to attack them and expect few surviving fry. I always tell people, "a community tank is not a breeding tank". If you really want a pair of cacatuoides, then give them a breeding tank with suitable dither fish. If you want cacatuoides in a community tank, then add 1 or 2 males only.


New Member
Thank you for your reply! I appreciate it. I was going to get a pair so that the male has a companion. But if 2 males arent aggressive towards each other i will go that route.

Do they require sand substrate?