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N. America I am an Apisto Seller in the US! In2Deep Aquatics!


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Portland, Oregon

My name is Shane Puthuparambil. I own and run a small business specializing in selling both wild collected and bred Apistogramma here in the USA.

I have a few links I wanted to share for those who are looking for Apistos at both a reasonable price and of high quality.

Our website: in2deepaquatics.net
Our facebook page: facebook.com/in2deepaquatics
Our email address: [email protected]
Aquabid Just Me page: www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?justdisp&Sharambil

Some items that we currently have available for sale include:

XL Apistogramma atahualpa "Sunset" - Wild Collected (1.25 - 2 in. females, 2.5+ inch males)
Pair - 25$
Pictures below.

XL Apistogramma cacatuoides "Rio Itaya" - Wild Collected (1.25 inch females, 2.5 inch males)
Group of 6 (unsexed) - 45$
Pictures below.

XL Apistogramma eremnopyge "Diamante/Strawberry" - Wild Collected (1 inch females, 2 - 2.5 inch males)
Pair - 30$

Apistogramma panduro - Wild Collected (1.75 inch males and females)
Pair - 30$

Apistogramma mendezi - Wild Collected (1.5 - 2 in) - Males Only!
1 male - 19$
3 males - 15$ each
6 plus - 10$ each

Apistogramma sp. Tefe - Wild Collected (1.25 - 2 in) - Males Only!
1 male - 19$
3 males - 15$ each
6 plus - 10$ each

Apistogramma paucisquamis - Wild Collected (1.5 - 2 in) - Males Only!
1 male - 19$
3 males - 15$ each
6 plus - 10$ each

Shipping rates are usually inexpensive as we go through USPS (with great success!). For priority mail, a single pair will fit in a medium priority box and will run around 15$. For priority mail, 3 pairs is the max that will fit in a large priority box and it will run around 20$. For more than 3 pairs, we will ship your fish in multiple boxes, so for example if you order 4 pairs, we will use 1 priority mail large box and 1 priority mail medium box for a combined total of 35$.

For express shipping, we use Priority Express, also a USPS service. Shipping using that service runs from around 45 dollars and more.

The buyer can select a shipping method of their choice. Our live arrival guarantee extends to fish that have been in bags for a maximum of 72 hours. If the fish are in bags longer than 72 hours, we don't guarantee the live arrival of the fish. If a customer pays priority mail and the package does not arrive in the 72 hour frame, we do not guarantee live arrival on their fish. If a customer pays for priority express however, the package almost always reaches the destination before the 72 hour time frame ends.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this! We hope you decide to try us out when ordering your next pair of awesome Apistos!

Shane Puthuparambil
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