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Help with Apistogramma Borelli breeding


New Member
Need help.

The separator has worked in a way. I've extended it totally so the male can't pass. No aggression today. The marking on her face are a lot less red. I've pass half of the fry to her side of the tank. She is a lot more active, still feeding well. Keeping the fry pretty well.

But now she keep her jaw open all the time. She is breathing a bit heavily.

What can I do to help her ? I've read about trying to manually put back her jaw ?

If she dies should I let the fry with the male ?


New Member
I didn't. Having read more about it after.

But today I euthanized her. She was past the point of no return, unable to swim, breathing frenetically.

The fry and the male are doing really well. The fry are free-swimming since 1 week now.

Still asking around when can I expect the male to start becoming aggressive with the fry ?

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