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HELP: Growth on fins


New Member
My male cacatuoides has recently grown some weird growths on its back fins (white) and a single black one on its top fin.

I was away for Xmas for 2 weeks so it’s been the longest time that they have gone without a water change, although no other fish in the community tank of 30 fish has any signs of illness or anything and we’re all fine when I returned.

My LFS said that it’s not fungal but just some growth that can be brushed off with the fingers, which I tried today really delicately. But they didn’t come off and do actually feel like bumps/growths on the fins. I thought maybe fin rot but none of the other fish have anything.

Anyway if anyone has any idea that would be great, and how to treat please. He’s stopped eating the last 24 hours and is just now sitting at the bottom not really swimming.




New Member
Never mind, I just found him dead :(

Would still be interested to know if anyone knows what it was though.


Well-Known Member
5 Year Member
Whatever it is (bacteria maybe), it was likely growing inside his body too, damaging internal organs. If it was just fins he would not have died so quickly.