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Hello from Pella, IA

Joshua Harvey

New Member
Hello, Josh here.
My aquaria interests have changed over the years. I have gone from fish to OEBT shrimp and back to fish again. I have been successful in all my endeavors so far. I fell in love with apisto. Nijsseni. I found a breeder here local that was clearing out his apisto stock. I chose the Nijsseni and I bought a group of 8. I have stalked this forum in reference to sexing and everything else I could related to nijsseni. I will need to offload the extra males at some point. Right now im 90% sure I have only 1 female and the rest males :eek:. I have a 40g breeder with green neons, these nijsseni, and some blue emperor tetras he threw in for free. I also have a 20 gallon tank set up for when I get a pair paired off and I have a 10 gallon hospital tank set up. Planning on them having the 20g tank all to themselves and I want to have a couple in the community tank as well. I just wanted to say hello and i'll make another thread for my questions. :)