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Hello from Adelaide, Australia :)

Christine Ten Hoeve

New Member
Hi to all. I joined apistogramma.com. to learn as much as possible about these gorgeous little dwarf cichlids so I can enjoy keeping them myself. I am in awe of the stunning colours and just love their personalities. I currently breed Thorichthys maculipinnis and Herichthys carpintis. I have kept Mikrogeophagus ramirezi and Mikrogeophagus altispinosus in the past. So...now my passion for the dwarfs is reignited, I am here to learn as much as possible from all you guys. I am a sponge ;) So far I've been loving the photos and setups.

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Anyone looking for Ivanacara Adoketa, Zebra Acaras?
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Prontodelivery wrote on Apistoguy52's profile.
Do you still have the F1 Ivanacara adoketa “red” from the Rio Icana, interested in getting 2 Pairs.
mikishuhoo wrote on Apistoguy52's profile.

Do you still have Apistogramma diplotaenia pairs available to sell? Please advise. Thanks.

I'm clueless. If I say something you can safely ignore it.